Architectural Illustrator Sketches

Richard Carman Architectural Illustrator UK

One of my areas of particular expertise is using sketching as part of a collaborative process; working alongside the client and other stakeholders to create a set of drawings that can unfold in real time.

The process can be very speedy - for example, a series of seven sketches are often produced in a single day (see Dunedin architectural illustation case study).

This means drawing by hand, quickly, interpreting the input and information from those around me to produce lively, communicative images that help us move more quickly toward a finished design. Colour can be added as needed or the images may remain black and white, for a contemporary, more immediate look.

This style of working is particularly suited to public consultations or schemes with multiple stakeholders, enabling participants to grasp potential ideas visually and swiftly at minimum cost.

Working by hand to translate a group's shifting ideas into a paper reality without the need for any processing equipment other than our own hands and brains, is becoming a rare skill and one that my clients appreciate can give them the edge, particularly where speed and responsiveness is vital.

Sketching Case Studies

St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

The Harlesden Charter, Harlesden, London

University of Dunedin, Otago, NZ

Sketching Gallery

Use the links below to see a selection of sketches by type; landscape, waterside and urban.

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